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Podiatric surgery

Making the decision to have surgery can be tough, but at Val Verde Regional Medical Center, we are devoted to giving you comfortable and affordable care with the best surgical staff Del Rio has to offer.

We offer various surgical solutions for conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and related lower extremity structures. Patients with joint and ligament problems, as well as those with congenital deformities, are given the opportunity for surgical treatment. Many people can now benefit from surgery with minimal postoperative discomfort.

Some of the treatments we offer are:

  • Correction of Achilles tendon problems.
  • Treatment of arthritis of the foot.
  • Removal of bone spurs.
  • Bunion surgery.
  • Removal of cysts and ganglions.
  • Reconstructive forefoot and rear foot surgery.
  • Correction of hammer, mallet and claw toes.
  • Treatment of neuromas.
  • Removal of plantar corns.
  • Plantar fasciitis surgery.
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