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VVRMC Laboratory

The Laboratory at Val Verde Regional Medical Center is a full service laboratory capable of handling most testing requirements in house. The laboratory is operational and staffed 24/7 and equipped with some of the most advanced instruments on the market enhanced for speed and efficiency.

Equipment offered:

  • 2 Beckman Coulter DXC Chemistry Analyzers capable of 1000 tests/hour
  • 2 Beckman Coulter Access 2 Analyzers for immunology tests
  • 2 Beckman Coulter DXH 800 Hematology Analyzers capable of 80 tests/hour
  • 1 Beckman Coulter IriCell Automated Urinalysis Analyzer capable of 40 complete urinalysis/hour
  • 1 Beckman Coulter Walkaway 40 Bacteriology Analyzer capable of identifying bacteria and testing of antibiotic sensitivity on 40 samples/day
  • Il Pro-Elite Coagulation Analyzer for blood clotting tests
  • Beckton Dickinson Bactec FX automated blood culture analyzer which automatically detects blood cultures are positive for bacterial growth
  • Abbott Architect 1000 for hepatitis testing, vitamin D levels and B-type naturetic peptide (BNP) testing.

Services offered:

  • VVRMC’s laboratory offers a wide range of testing as well as full service blood transfusion.
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