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Emergency medical services (EMS)

Val Verde Regional Medical Center (VVRMC) EMS is a hospital-based E-911 licensed mobile intensive care unit (MICU) provider. We are proud to serve the residents and visitors of Del Rio, Val Verde County and the surrounding areas since 1971.

Our fleet

Six ambulances and one first response vehicle make up the EMS fleet. All units are type III. Average response time within the city is less than four minutes. Response times within the county may take more than 60 minutes.

Our equipment

We have the latest in equipment, including biphasic defibrillation with Zoll monitor and defibrillators, IV pumps, ventilators, electric Stryker cots and stair chairs, bariatric equipment and stretcher, and pediatric specialty equipment.

Our veteran staff

VVRMC EMS is made up of experienced state-certified EMS personnel with a combined total of more than 300 years of experience. Service is available 24 hours a day.

EMS activity

VVRMC EMS responds to more than 500 hundred calls per month, traveling more than 12,000 miles, in a county that covers more than 3,000 square miles.

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