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Keeping Well newsletterKeeping Well is Val Verde Regional Medical Center's (VVRMC) community newsletter that provides wellness and health maintenance tips. Keeping Well is published in English and Spanish.

Keeping Well is published as a community service for the friends and patrons of VVRMC.

Current issue

Summer 2017

In this issue: Have an active, fun summer; When it's an emergency.

Archived issues

Spring 2017

In this issue: Pediatric health care; New doctors to serve your health care needs.

Winter 2017

In this issue: Dedicated pediatric clinic now open; Living our mission, vision and legacy.

Fall 2016

In this issue: The year in review; Alzheimer's disease: A personal journey.

Summer 2016

In this issue: Highly qualified doctors: Providing needed services; Local woman thankful for lifesaving screening.

Spring 2016

In this issue: From doubts to belief: Our great care wins a first-time patient's trust; Light and luscious: Try this tasty recipe for rhubarb-strawberry parfait!

Winter 2016

In this issue: Emergency! How we're providing care faster than ever before; Healthy aging: 5 simple actions you can take.

Fall 2015

In this issue: Gifts to warm the heart; Happy for the holidays?: 10 ways to keep calm and cheer on.

Summer 2015

In this issue: 5 tips to get fit: How to help your child lose extra pounds; Sports safety: Keep kids free from injury.

Spring 2015

In this issue: Men's health: Take charge of your health today; Minutes matter: When it comes to stroke, act fast.

Winter 2015

In this issue: Prediabetes: What you need to know.

Fall 2014

In this issue: Support for breast cancer patients. VVRMC offers help close to home.

Summer 2014

In this Issue: Safety first: How to help your child prevent sports injuries; VVRMC celebrates National Hospital Week

Spring 2014

In this Issue: Same-day surgery; 3 steps to good food choices

Winter 2014

In this Issue: Resolve to get healthy; Healthy you healthy baby: 5 tips for pregnancy

Fall 2013

In this Issue: Still smoke? We can help you quit this season; Make Thanksgiving healthy

Spring 2013

In this Issue: Too hot for comfort: Advice for dealing with the heat; Good grilling; Stay safe on the water

Winter 2013

In this Issue: Kidney care; Now is the perfect time to make healthy changes; Recipes, reconstructed

Fall 2012

In this Issue: Mammograms: A smart step to take; All about babies: Keep your little one safe at night; Life with diabetes

Summer 2012

In this Issue: It's back-to-school time! What to keep in mind as the school year begins; Make a move to relieve stress; Why kids need shots; What's for lunch?

Spring 2012

In this Issue: Your guide to summer safety; Save time with VVRMC; Alcohol abuse: How you can help a loved one.

Winter 2012

In this Issue: A healthy new you: Check out these six steps for great health all year; From our CEO: New doctors to help in emergency room; For a healthy new you; Five ways to protect your heart; Outstanding orthopedic care.

Fall 2011

In this Issue: Reduce your risk: Learn how to lower your risk for developing breast cancer; How you can prepare for your mammogram; Tips for a safe Halloween; Recipe: Pumpkin-spice muffins; The people's choice for therapy in Del Rio.

Summer 2011

In this Issue: Memory lapse: A simple slip or a serious concern?; When to seek help for memory loss; Carefree summer: When you're planning a vacation, keep your kids' safety in mind; Illness doesn't take the weekend off. Neither do we!

Spring 2011

In this Issue: Here comes the sun; Sun safety for newborns; Your joint, our place; The emergency department: We're here when you need us.

Winter 2011

In this Issue: Pain by the joint; Hospitalists: They're here when you need them; New year, healthier future; Numbers to know.

Fall 2010

In this Issue: Redesigned with you mind; The road to health after 50; Help children reach a healthy weight.

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