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Patient wanted to thank the ER for being so compassionate and caring. Patient felt that there was a good flow of communication, and although he wasn't feeling well, they were still very explanatory about what was going on. — Emergency department

Patient was very impressed from arrival. As soon as he walked in, someone was able to walk him to where he needed to be. Patient feels that he would have been confused without the employee that helped him. He was very grateful. — Radiology department

Patient was very pleased with the care he received. He was treated well and received all the information he needed on care once he was discharged. — Surgery department

Patient was very satisfied with his experience. Great attitude from everyone and he is thankful for the care he received. — Emergency department

Patients' mother was so impressed by the care her son received. She felt that the hospital went above and beyond for him! She is filling out a survey and also writing an article to the news herald because she was so impressed. Great job! — Medical surgery department

Wonderful experience! Everyone was polite and showed concern for patient throughout the whole process. Patient would like to thank Michelle for being wonderful and making sure patient was comfortable. — Special procedures department

Physical therapists are very friendly and easy to work with. Patient has been very happy with her experience thus far. — Rehabilitation department

Patient was very happy with the outcome of their visit. They were seen quickly and everyone was very professional and friendly. — Emergency department

Patients' father said it is very rare that they have to make a visit to the hospital but he was so impressed with the "top-notch service!" Patient received excellent care and did not leave with question marks still over their head. — Radiology department

Wonderful, friendly and compassionate nursing staff in the ICU. Thank you. — Intensive care unit

Patient was impressed with how efficient surgery department was. He was admitted quickly and left a lot sooner than he expected. He had a great experience. — Surgery department

Patient's mother says that she had the best experience she has ever had in the ER because of Dr. Sanchez. He was very thorough in explaining, and even let mother look in patient's ear to better understand the problem. Patient's mother feels that more doctors need to be like him; little things do make the difference! — Emergency department

Patient loves coming to physical therapy! She has had the pleasure of coming on three separate occasions (separate injuries) and has been able to avoid surgery each time. Everyone is friendly and attentive. — Rehabilitation department

Compliments to the whole staff! Patient has worked with four different people and they were all equally great at their job. — Rehabilitation department

Patient was very happy with the service she received. All of her nurses were great, and she loved that as soon as her baby was born, there was a team of nurses taking care of him! — Women's department

Patient was very impressed with Surgery. She thought it was a nice touch to send a get-well card and appreciated the follow-up call. Patient says the ladies in surgery do a great job. — Surgery department

Patient rated her experience with a 10! Patient felt that the staff really cared about her general well-being, she was quickly seen, and when the patient liaison noticed she was having a hard time walking, she quickly helped her out. — Emergency department

Patient felt that her experience could not have been any better. Everyone was efficient and comforting through it all. Patient did not have her doctor, but Dr. Lindsey did a great job and made her feel comfortable. Duckie and Yvonne were wonderful as well. Great teamwork! — Women's department

Patient says she had the best meals from VVRMC compared to any other hospital she has ever stayed in! — Dietary department

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